? Find a Game | For Public Courses


Eliminating threesomes with social and handicap relevant invitations.

Enable social invites to fill your partial or
empty tee times with golfers who opt in.

Kiawah Island Ocean Course #18

How? Real simple. Proactive Invitations.

Find a Game fills partially booked tee sheets via invites to golfers who are looking for a game and like your course. Golfers are matched based on both skill and common contacts, providing a better experience for all.

Golfers who've opted in receive a notification with all details needed.

Golfers see all relevant info to determine if they want to join the game or not: players, skill level, mutual contacts plus greens and cart fees you charge.

Unfilled tee times significantly impact course profitability.

Find a Game helps courses stimulate demand by creating games and inviting players.

Courses may send a notifications to golfers who:
1) have the course on their approved list and
2) indicated they like to play during that time of day

Golfers see everything needed to opt in and pay for the round, thus creating demand and revenue for your course.

Courses gain access to valuable insights to run a more profitable course with higher levels of personalized service.

Pricing for Public Courses

Monthly Fee None! Plus no trade times
Success Fee* 15%*
Tee Time Prices Controlled 100% by course
Cash Collection We collect from golfer & promptly pay course
Cancelation/No-shows Non-refundable, Non-cancelable
*Success is adding golfers to an unfilled foursome using our service.
The fee is 25% if the golfer that fills the time is not in your database, 15% thereafter.

For sales inquiries call (415) 839-6700 or email sales@findagame.io